A classic car is more than an automobile, it’s a key to the past. Classic cars evoke feelings of nostalgia in us all, and a reverence for all those who came before us. And just like all the best classics, they only get better with age, as, unlike traditional automobiles, classic cars appreciate in value over time.

Classic cars can be very valuable investments, and Kentucky Shield is here to help you keep them safe. The best classic car policy for you is going to depend on a variety of factors from miles driven to the age of your vehicle. Fortunately, through our variety of insurance carriers, we’re able to match you with the policy that best fits your specific vehicle and its needs.

Considerations for a Classic Car Policy

Mileage – While most collector cars are driven relatively infrequently to maintain their value, you still may want to drive it around town every once in a while, to show off one of your most prized possessions. Kentucky Shield’s policies have a variety of mileage limits to meet your driving habits.

Part-time rates – Let us work with you to find a lower rate on your classic car policy to reflect its status as a part-time automobile

Agreed Value – In the event of an accident where your vehicle suffers a total loss, you will receive a full payout of a previously agreed to amount. This prevents your payout from fluctuating based on volatile market values

Roadside Assistance – You don’t want just anybody working on your vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, roadside assistance coverage will take your classic car to the nearest garage qualified to handle a vehicle of its caliber.

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