The chaos of day-to-day life always seems to bring risk to your most prized possessions. Kentucky Shield’s selection of comprehensive Renter’s Insurance policies can help you protect the things, and people, you cherish most in this world.

What You Need to Know:

A renter’s policy ensures that no matter where you are, your family and material possessions will be protected against theft, as well as damage, depending on the selected deductibles and limits you choose for your policy.

Kentucky Shield is proud to offer full value coverage on personal property for a small premium. With full value coverage, you will be paid in full for the replacement costs of stolen and damaged items, with no deduction for depreciating value.

Protect Yourself and Your Guests:

Renter’s insurance also offers protection to policyholders and their families against claims of property damage or bodily injury for which they are liable. Additional premiums may enhance the coverage to provide legal counsel if a policyholder is sued after covering a loss.

If medical payments coverage is added to a policy, it will pay the medical expenses of a visitor who is injured at your residence, no matter who is at fault.

Here to meet your Needs

Kentucky Shield’s Renter’s Policies offer the flexibility and variety needed to suit all types of homeowners. And don’t forget to ask our agents about our many available discounts.


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