Commercial property owners face a tall task in maintaining the safety and integrity of their investment while running a business. Commercial property insurance makes it so you don’t have to fight this battle alone, offering wide-ranging coverage for your building and the valuable items it may hold such as equipment and inventory. Commercial property insurance has you covered in the event you suffer losses related to your building. This includes everything from robbery to fire damage and even natural disasters like earthquakes.
Kentucky Shield carriers offer a variety of commercial property policies that work for all businesses, big and small. Get in touch to find a policy that works for you.

Commercial Property Insurance Essentials

Know your building’s replacement value – If you own a commercial building, it is important to get a third-party appraisal of the estimated current value of your building. Knowing this replacement cost can help us make sure you have the proper amount of coverage.

Business Personal Property Coverage

This type of policy covers property such as furniture and inventory that is kept at the commercial building you own. If you frequently transfer a piece of property outside of the building, it is likely that your policy will not cover it if damaged. If your business has essential equipment that is frequently transported to alternate sights, talk to one of our agents about how an inland marine policy.

Electronic Data Processing Insurance

A property coverage designed specifically to protect computers and related equipment. EDP insurance expands the scope of your commercial property insurance to cover losses from cyber-attacks or extended power/network outages.

Flood Insurance

If you want to be covered if your building suffers flood damage, you will need to acquire an additional flood insurance policy to your plan, as most standard commercial property policies don’t cover damages from floods.

Business Interruption Coverage

Business owners are reimbursed lost income by this policy in the event their business has to close to repair damage to your commercial building, or if outside authorities limit access to your building’s location as a result of some sort of crisis.
Let Kentucky Shield be an ally to your business and protect your property. Contact us today to review your current policy and find out how you can get a better value on your coverage.


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