Kentucky Shield is here to help owners of recreational vehicles select policies that ensure the safety of their homes on wheels for an affordable rate. Each year, an RV that is for personal use can be insured for as many as 250 days, giving you all the time, you need to roam around the country in style.

Payout Options

If your vehicle suffers enough damages to be considered a total loss, the payout you receive from your comprehensive and collision coverage will depend on your choice of settlement type. Some of these options include:

  1. Stated Value- the payout received will equal the current, actual market value of the RV
  2. Agreed Value- payout will equal the insured amount covered when starting policy, protects your vehicle from depreciation in market value
  3. Replacement Cost- your insured RV will be replaced with the RV most similar to it in value


Other Tips

Check for Liability Coverage- covers bodily injuries and property damage and pays for associated costs such as medical expenses.

Ask if your policy includes vacation liability coverage for when you hunker down and park the van to serve as a temporary residence.

Talk to an agent about additional coverages such as 24/7 Roadside Assistance, personal effects coverage, and accident forgiveness.

Bundling multiple policies from a single insurance provider can help you save big on your monthly rates.

Contact one of our agents or a member of our customer service team with any other questions you have about RV insurance


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